Public Home

Police Married Quarters, Hong Kong

with Guillaume Othenin-Girard

The exhibition presents design prototypes for the public realm in Hong Kong. The six-month research funded by the HKSAR’s Architectural Services Department was carried out by recent graduates and faculty of the HKU Department of Architecture with the objective of developing design prototypes that consider often neglected space — cemetery edges, highway underpasses, terraces and waterfronts.

These prototypes tested a design approach that prioritizes space, ecology, the body’s relationship to its environment, intangible values of history, community, and place.

A specially designed plywood ping-pong table at the center of the exhibition room – approximately the dimensions of the average sub-divided flat that many Hong Kongers call home – serves as a reminder of what is at stake. The table will be the site of workshops throughout the exhibition period that offers visitors a chance to share their views on the design of open space and Hong Kong’s public realm.

ASD Public Space Project Team: Yu Kiu Chan Rain, Wallace Chang, Sony Devabhaktuni, Dong Jingyi Zoey, Natalia Echeverri, Wai Yin Hung Louis, Jiang Canran Daisy, Lai Chui Ting Minnie, Anderson Lee, Ngan Yuk Ying Wendy, Shum David Siu Kei, Soo Kwan Yau April, Tse Yat Chi Eugene, Wang Siqi Betsy, Weijen Wiejen and Ivan Valin.

In collaboration with the Architectural Services Department of the Government of Hong Kong: Florence Chan and Caspar Pui Wing Lam, Project Managers.